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Kickstart Your Multimedia Hosting and Management with the Essential Tools You Need.
  • Consolidate Your Videos, Images, and Podcasts: Manage all on a Single Platform.
  • Embed your digital assets with diverse gallery themes and seamlessly integrate with Word Press or your choice of email marketing platforms.


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Empower Your Small Teams: Elevate engagement with a robust suite of tools for Marketers, Sales, and Support.

Includes Plus plan features.

  • Benefit from unlimited embedding and link sharing.
  • Explore On-Video Features: Utilize CTAs, Chapters, Annotations, Closed Captions, and beyond.
  • Merge effortlessly with your Marketing Automation, CRM, or Zoom.
  • Improve your Google ranking with our SEO-friendly features.
  • Create and upload content instantly through Cincopa screen record Chrome Extension.
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Enterprise Unlimited

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Optimized for Growth: Accelerate Success with an All-in-one Suite of Tools for Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Small Businesses.

Includes Corporate plan features.

  • Enjoy unlimited traffic and hosting, subject to fair value policy**.
  • Allow access to multiple users and admins for a shared experience.
  • Unlimited Integrations with platforms like Hubspot, Zendesk, Slack, and more.
  • High-level security features for your content.
  • Stream content on various platforms including Samsung TV, Android TV, Roku, AppleTV, iOS, and Android.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

It’s very easy to host and manage your videos, images and audios with Cincopa. Just click here, choose the skin for your videos, images and audios, follow the simple instructions in 4 easy steps. No credit card is needed. Just sign in using your email address and enjoy our free trial.

Do you offer a Free Plan?

Yes, Cincopa offers a very generous Free plan forever!
Check the table above to see what is included.

How many users can view my gallery at one time?

When using Cincopa you can be relaxed about your gallery performance, whether you have a small site with just few visitors or a mega site with millions of visitors Cincopa can scale up and down automatically to meet the demand, there is nothing special you need to do or setup. We use Verizon's CDN (formerly edgecast) for worldwide delivery which ensures same experience anywhere. Read next answer for more info.

Do you use a leading, globally recognized CDN?

Cincopa platform provides hosting and delivery services through multiple global 1st tier CDNs. The reliable distribution system has multiple servers located along a global network. The servers, referred to as nodes, hold copies of the video content. We support all popular video formats and use advanced video streaming technologies, thus, enable high availability, fast load-times and high quality performance. Learn more

Do you offer in-depth video analytics?

We at Cincopa, believe that one of the essentials success of every business is the ability to know your customer and learn about their behavior. That's the reason we have built this in-depth video analytics tools, so you can get information such as views per video, per domain, per location, per users and more. Learn more about our amazing video analytics features.

Can you offer me a custom Skin for my Enterprise?

Sure. Once you enroll to our enterprise plan, we can create a special skin for your company. Learn more about our video for enterprise benefits.

Can I prevent people from downloading my images/videos?

Yes! We have special features to protect your media. Learn more about our security features.

Do you offer an API access?

Yes we do. Learn more about Cincopa API.

Do you support multiple users?

Yes. Cincopa is better when your teammates are onboard, our platform enables you to invite multiple users in your account. Learn here how to do it.

Do you offer SEO functions?

Cincopa built-in SEO will help you get more traffic to your site, we support json-ld and few other method as well as many social sharing options.

What is traffic?

Our plans are based on bandwidth for your videos/podcasts/galleries. Each view of your media by your customers or team gains bandwidth (traffic).

The traffic for your site is really depends on the views of your content. You can read more here about how we calculate traffic.

Based on our experience the traffic quota allocated for each plan is sufficient for 99% of our customers. If you need more please contact us and we'll provide a custom plan.

We are excited to provide an unlimited storage and traffic plan, this plan provides absolute flexibility and peace of mind when managing your account.

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