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Enterprise Grade Video Hosting

Power your business with video marketing tools, video sales enablement, team communication, customer support and live steaming.

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Team Communication

Increase productivity and improve communicate. Easily record and share videos on Slack, Trello and on Emails using RecTrace and Cincopa.

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Customer support

Reduce ticket solution time, Increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer onboarding costs using how-to video portal and personalized videos. Utilize video directly inside your helpdesk with Cincopa for Zendesk.

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Private video hosting

Get complete control over your video content. Brand, Watermark, Password protect, domain and ip lock and utilize SSO to restrict access and know exactly who is watching what and provide access and authorizations for teams to collaborate, upload and publish videos.

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Live streaming

Communicate with video at scale, in real time.

Effectively reach out to your local and global audience to convey announcements, company policies and broadcast conference appearances.

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OTT channel and app


Create and manage your own enterprise OTT channel and app. See detail analytics on audience and user level engagement and even create an internal mini-LMS using our REST API and analytics API.

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VAST ads

VAST ads

As a large publisher, you can now monetize your video content using a wide range of tools, including VAST Ads.

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