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Hosted on-premises in your organization or data center

Cincopa's enterprise video platform can be deployed behind your organization's firewall. With our built-in eCDN advanced caching solution, you can ensure world-class video delivery with optimized bandwidth and network utilization, providing a bufferless viewing experience and facilitating successful solution adoption within your organization.

Your Data-center
Hosted on your private cloud

Hosted on your private cloud

Cincopa's video solution can be deployed on any cloud service provider, offering the scalability and efficiency of a public cloud while maintaining the privacy and control of your own dedicated cloud environment.

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Corporate video

Hybrid Video Cloud Deployment

Cincopa’s Hybrid cloud combines on-premise transcoding, data storage, backup and bandwidth-efficient eCDN delivery inside the organization with the benefits and cost-effectiveness of public cloud management. This setup allow for cloud burst capabilities and if desired, transcoding, storage and delivery of less sensitive content using the public infrastructure.

How Does Our Hybrid Cloud Work?


When a user requests media from a browser, desktop, or mobile application, a metadata request is sent to the Cincopa Cloud Service. The browser then requests the media from the organization's on-premise storage and eCDN. This approach ensures a bufferless user experience with secure, bandwidth-optimized streaming that doesn't strain the WAN/LAN infrastructure.


When a user requests the media from a browser, desktop or mobile application - a request for metadata is sent to the Cincopa Cloud Service, returned to the browser which than requests the media from the organization's on-premise storage and eCDN. This ensures a buffeless user experience with a secure, bandwidth-optimized approach which doesnt strain the WAN\LAN infrastracture.

Media Backup & Cloud Bursting

Optional Private Cloud or Public Cloud Backup/Cloud Bursting.

Whitelabel Online Video Platform

Cincopa can be licenced as a complete whitelabel solution to CDN providers, Hosting providers, Web application software companies, Universities, Enterprise, Large marketing agencies and Media companies.

Cincopa Deployment Configurations Comparison

Digital Transformation
What Do You Manage?
Security Level
Hybrid Cloud
No Licensing Cost (With Cincopa)
Provides all Expertise
High (Fast To Increase\Decrease the Stack)
Good Compliance
Storage, Backup
Available (Pro. Services)
On Premise
Up Front Licensing Cost
Spacialised Staff
Best Compliance
Everything (Infrastructure, Storage, Scaling up\down)
Do As You Please
No Licensing Cost
None Required
GDPR compliant, Deployed in EU and AU
Available (Pro. Services)

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