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All you need for managing your Videos, Images and Audio/Podcast

Empower your brand, add annotations CTAs, forms, and amazing features to enhance your Video, Audio/Podcast, and Images,
as an On-Demand or as Live Streaming. Robust Analytics and Heatmaps to learn about your viewer interactions to Maximize your ROI.

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Why Use Cincopa For Your Video Hosting?

Video, Image, Audio Asset Management

Cincopa asset management enables you to upload, organize, store, manage, and track your digital assets in one central location. Then you can access these assets at any time, from anywhere, and from any device. Backup and syncing are all done regularly to ensure files stay safe and protected.

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Create Media Galleries

Cincopa multimedia platform enables you to create amazing image and video galleries and slideshows, podcast, music players and attractive combinations of different media.

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Boost SEO Ranking

Add meta-tags, titles and descriptive information to each gallery and each item for cataloging and SEO purposes.

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Share and Showcase your Media Instantly

Within a few clicks, build a webpage of your media gallery with Cincopa Account Site, no embedding or coding required. Take advantage of the branding options by adding your logo and a message to give your page a unique look.

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Gain Remote Access from Cincopa Mobile App

Fast and incredibly simple solution to upload pictures and videos directly from your mobile device or through multiple social media channels. The mobile share app is now available on both Apple and Android App Stores.

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Secure and Private Hosting

Cincopa uses advanced security system to ensure your media is completely protected. Moreover, you may determine your own security settings; allow users to download and save files or authorize specific domains to use your galleries.

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Cincopa is the most complete Video, Image, Audio/Podcast Hosting Platform


Other Great Features

Basic Management Features

Update your galleries, change template, preview, edit, re-size, remove items, etc.

Advanced Management Features

Add watermark branding, generate unique links and customize many other advanced

Personal Support

Professional assistance and attentive team is always at your service.

Automatic conversions

Transcoding and photo resizing are automatically performed by the software,no coding or other professional skills are required.

Search and Navigation

You and your users can enjoy detailed playlists, thumbnail galleries and search boxes that facilitate navigation within a gallery.

Google Analytics and Google Maps

Easy integration of third-party applications for advanced management.


All required plug-ins are free, easy and fast to install.

Friendly Wizard

The simple wizard guides you through the entire creation and management process and performs all technical tasks automatically.

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My Client Center (MCC)

Save yourself a lot of time and effort by managing all your clients' digital assets through a single MCC account. Get easy access and navigation and compare between your clients' statistics and performance.

My Team

Digital asset projects often require a team work. Create multi-user account by adding other people to your own Cincopa account. Set the access level for each user individually and change it whenever you like.