CincopaShare Mobile App For Photos and Videos

CincopaShare is a user-friendly and completely free application for sharing photos and videos. Currently available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad users. An Android version of the app will be launched in the near future.



CincopaShare App: Simplifying Video and Photo Sharing

CincopaShare is a fast and user-friendly app that allows you to easily share your photos and videos directly from your mobile device. You can share your media files through various social channels such as email, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter.

Each mobile share page created with CincopaShare displays a single media file in a responsive layout, ensuring a great viewing experience on any device.

You can use your existing mobile photo album and video library or create new media files within the app. All new files are automatically saved and stored on your mobile device.

This straightforward mobile video-sharing tool is perfect for distributing long and large video files. The recipient can instantly view the file without downloading it simply by accessing the share page through a link. The share page includes the file presentation and sharing options for your convenience. You can also copy the share page URL for future reuse.

How CincopaShare Works


Install the App for Free

Download CincopaShare for free from the iTunes store and install the app on your mobile device.


Start Sharing with a Click

Click on the large orange button to begin sharing your videos and photos.


Select Your Media

Choose the media file you want to share and mark it. You can also create new videos or photos directly within the app, and they will be automatically saved to your device.


Share the Generated Share Page Link

Share your media with others by posting the generated share page link on Facebook, Twitter, Email or through SMS.


Save the Mobile Share Page URL for Future Use

Keep the URL of your mobile share page handy for future reference and sharing.

Why Use Cincopa's video and photo sharing services?

CincopaShare is our user-friendly application designed for the modern social lifestyle. It's fast, free, and requires just a few clicks to share your videos and photos. Experience responsive media without any downloads slowing you down.

Choose Cincopa for reliable sharing, top-notch security, and seamless multimedia experiences. Enjoy attentive support and most products and services for free. Showcasing your content has never been easier.