About Cincopa

Helping businesses, marketers and online publishers succeed with the power of video and media.

Cincopa was founded in 2006 with the mission of providing business with the advanced capabilities to Market, Teach and Engage through the use video, images and audio.

Although we have become an established company at our core lies the spirit of a startup.

Over the years we have been successful in developing and providing the most advanced enterprise media hosting solutions for a variety of industries and verticals including Governmental organizations, Learning institutions and Media companies such as Pfizer, Euronews, Salvation Army, Dell, CNN, US State Dept and Worldpay.

Some of the advanced features and empowering capabilities we have innovated and provide are solutions such as:

  • Video hosting for LMS and Sharepoint for spreading knowledge and measuring learning
  • Video solutions for Onboarding, Training and Internal communication
  • Marketing and Communications videos that drive demand and convert viewers while feeding vital analytics to your marketing stack
  • Video solutions for Sales that win more deals

We understand the importance of collaboration, that's why Cincopa seamlessly integrates with any platform using Powerful APIs to build workflows and applications.


Our team

Our team and our culture are our greatest assets. Cincopa is vibrant mix of gifted engineers, media experts and support professionals that love working together to create innovative media hosting platforms.

We are a diverse collection of cultures and backgrounds from around the globe that have made Cincopa our home and consider each other family.

At Cincopa we don’t just develop great software, we develop perfect media hosting solutions.


Our 5 (Cinco) Core Values

  1. Passion - It's your passion that inspires us. It’s at the genesis of everything we do and the fuel that propels us toward excellence.
  2. Innovation - The core of innovation is inventing tools that make the world a better place. Through our innovations people are now able communicate better, be more productive and share information on a scale that was once impossible.
  3. Trust - The fact that our clients trust us is a great source of pride for us and everyday we work extra hard to justify and keep your trust.
  4. Efficiency - We believe that efficiency is the foundation of success. By being efficient we are able to provide you with the best products and services on the market.
  5. Service - Excellent service is the product of our respect and appreciation. We understand the challenges you face and are here to guide you through them in a considerate and friendly manner.