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    Video Hosting Platform & Video Player

    Improve your video management and delivery with Cincopa's compatible streaming platform. Easily share high-quality videos with 4k resolution and enjoy unlimited storage and bandwidth.

    Our video hosting platform is highly secure with advanced video encryption.

    Experience the power of Cincopa's video solution with a wide range of video templates and essential on-video features that enhance your content while saving you time and effort.

    Our lightweight, responsive, and customizable HTML5 player ensures seamless ultra 4K video quality delivery on all devices. Customize the player with your logo, change colors, enable speed controls, create playlists, and more.
    Users can optimize video resolution, get subtitles automatically, and access video descriptions all within our brandable video player.

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    Hosting Online Courses & Internal Communication Training

    Take educational content to the next level with a dedicated video hosting solution. A video solution made specially for online courses allowing creators to get more out of their videos without much effort.

    Create engaging online courses with video features such as lead generation forms, annotations, pre-post roll forms, video analytics , and user-specific video heatmaps. Rest assured, knowing that your videos are protected from unauthorized downloads with our built-in video encryption.

    Launch company-wide internal communication training through video-on-demand (VOD), live streams, and pre-scheduled events using the industry's most secure video hosting solution.

    Cincopa’s unrivaled video management with Cincopa's comprehensive solution. We enable enterprises to confidently centralize and organize all their internal meetings and corporate trainings in one place, providing complete video protection.

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    Video Marketing

    Start integrating videos into email and marketing automation platforms to enhance your digital marketing strategy. Boost website traffic, analyze user behavior, optimize videos, and increase conversions.

    Cincopa seamlessly integrates with major marketing automation platforms like HubSpot to increase the reach of your video.

    Promote and market your product or service with our powerful video hosting platform, boost your digital marketing strategy and improve your video's SEO.

    Take advantage of our on-video forms, email collectors, lead generation forms, and CTAs to drive actions that let you achieve better conversion rates.

    Cincopa offers native integrations with popular marketing automation and email automation software, including Constant Contact, MailChimp, Salesforce and more.

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    Enterprise Video Solution

    Transform corporate communication with video, both internal communication and external communication, while benefiting from robust security and video encryption features.

    Our centralized Digital Asset Management platform (DAM) and Video Asset Management (VAM) offers a range of compatible video formats and video API that integrates well with any enterprise content management system.

    Cincopa’s Video CMS is the best in the business, with extensive video management features, allowing enterprises to coordinate across departments easily.

    Get unmatched live streaming & Video-On-Demand (VOD) capabilities that can seamlessly handle thousands of viewers simultaneously whenever you need it.

    Cincopa video platform also lets you create and manage your own enterprise OTT channel and OTT app. That's not all! You also enjoy enterprise-level customer support to help you personalize your video management strategy.

    Cincopa's enterprise video solution enhances the flow of data and overall efficiency by seamlessly integrating with leading enterprise tools such as Slack, Zendesk, G-Suite SSO, Microsoft, and more.

    Integrate your Enterprise Platform

    Video Encryption, Secure your Videos & API Solution

    Encrypt video data with secure video streaming, making sure that users will not be able to download your video without your permission.

    With our Single Sign-On (SSO) integration feature, you can give access to only authorized team members & personnel within your organization to view case-sensitive documents and video content.

    Cincopa video security helps you protect video content and video gallery hosted on our platform. This security feature can be enabled per a specific domain, SSO user or advanced password-protection of your content.

    Cincopa provides you with full protection enabling enterprises to enhance their security features safeguarding their internal communication content.

    As a video hosting company Cincopa understands the power of real-time data analysis.

    We provide powerful API solutions that can engage with any enterprise system to trigger marketing, sales or data-sharing sequence. Therefore, creating an impact with your enterprise data in real-time.

    Check out our latest Video Security & Encryption overview

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    Check out Cincopa’s most popular video player templates and demos

    Video Player Templates

    • Photon Video Player

      Photon Video Player

      Customize appearance to match your brand and website design. Interactions for video marketing, moneytization and privacy. Photon is a HTML5 Video Player.
    • Billboard Video Player

      Billboard Video Player

      Fully responsive HTML5 billboard video player with small capture of next video, slider type, modern and user friendly
    • Facebook mode video player

      Facebook mode video player

      Video player with autostart in mute when visible, mobile friendly video gallery with categories, multiple options for customization, pagination
    • Product-Ad Video Banner

      Product-Ad Video Banner

      Built for E-Commerce and publishers Inserting Ads on their site. Video will autoplay without controls and always be silent. Both on desktop and mobile

    Video Portal Templates

    • Video portal mosaic

      Video portal mosaic

      Mosaic video gallery with elegant and modern design with diverse thumbnail dimensions
    • Video portal mosaic with filter by tags

      Video portal mosaic with filter by tags

      Mosaic video gallery with elegant and modern design with diverse thumbnail dimensions, filter by tags
    • Video portal mosaic Vimeo style

      Video portal mosaic Vimeo style

      Mosaic video gallery with elegant and modern design with diverse thumbnail dimensions, vimeo style

    Video Gallery Templates

    • Video and Podcast Channel

      Video and Podcast Channel

      Create a distraction-free, branded channel to showcase your videos and podcasts and educate your audience.
    • Marketing Category Slider

      Marketing Category Slider

      Showcase your product, values and features using images, short form videos and text.
    • Product Marketing Slider

      Product Marketing Slider

      Showcase your product, values and features using images, short form videos and text.
    • Video gallery with categories

      Video gallery with categories

      Mobile friendly video player with categories, multiple options for customization, pagination

    Grid Category Templates

    • Videos by categories

      Videos by categories

      Responsive carousel slider video gallery with many options of customization
    • Video portal with slider and sub categories

      Video portal with slider and sub categories

      Fully adjustable video portal with slider and sub categories

    You can easily customize the template using the advanced settings or with CSS edit.

    • Responsive
    • Desktop 1280x720
    • Tablet
    • Mobile