Reason Why

The Spanish publishing giant
finds its image host
with Cincopa


Reason Why is a communications brand, a digital media firm specializing in marketing, advertising and digital economy.

Attracting nearly a million monthly pageviews, Reason Why’s website is a leader in terms of audience and influence among trade-marketing media in Spain.

Reason Why hosts a highly-regarded news bulletin, along with a slew of professional debates and a weekly podcast.

Routinely featured on Iberia Express, Volotea and Air Nostrum, Reason Why is the only trade-marketing publisher with a presence on such entertainment platforms.

When the CMS won’t cut it…

More so than in any other industry, publishers rise and fall based on their ability to provide a stimulating visual experience. Authorities in this field boast dynamic websites; the latter are home to reliable, sought-after information and news.

However, and perhaps more importantly, these websites reach their prominent stature due to their design and the unique user experience they offer visitors.

As early as the preliminary website design sessions, Reason Why knew it was imperative that the final product be defined by dynamic, diverse and responsive imagery.


Preferring a flexible, more-malleable content management system, Reason Why turned to Drupal. The open-source CMS is the platform of choice for many developers seeking more advanced customization functionality. The next order of business was finding a reliable, easy-to-use image hosting solution; one that wouldn’t require 3rd party development, and that would mesh seamlessly with Drupal

It was clear that a reliable,advanced and user-friendly 3rd-party image management and hosting solution was in order.


The desired platform would have to provide a plug-and-play backend user experience to ReasonWhy’s technical team; and, of course, offer dynamic, engaging galleries and templates.

Cincopa emerges as the optimal image solution

With its technical team spearheading the search efforts, Reason Why quickly gravitated toward Cincopa.

Intending images to be prominently displayed in a wide variety of page layouts, Reason  Why found Cincopa’s responsive galleries most capable of facilitating its vision.


With a considerable percentage of Reason Why’s readers accessing it via mobile, said responsive galleries ensure an optimized visual experience on any device.

Seamlessly meshing with Drupal, Cincopa provides Reason Why’s technical personnel with the fluid, plug-and-play user experience they sought.


Once one of the dozens of responsive galleries offered by Cincopa is selected, a ReasonWhy editor can simply drag and drop the relevant images. This three step process is completed by copying and pasting an embed code in Drupal. The former is tailored specifically to the open source CMS, and is one of a wide variety of embedding options Cincopa users can select from, positioning the latter as compatible with any CMS.

“Thanks to Cincopa, we can easily create user-friendly image galleries through an intuitive interface”

Garbiñe Hoyo
Product Manager