United to Heal

Cincopa steps in to provide the online conference platform with the bandwidth it needs



Founded by Mathias Berner in 2018, United to Heal is a premier destination for online summits and conferences. Focusing primarily on homeopathy and holistic health, these online conferences are conducted four to five times a year, with an itinerary lasting ten days. A typical summit day entails three to four interviews of field experts and leading medical professionals.

A dual approach to access videos

United to Heal presents its community with two channels through which it can consume its video content.

When online summits are in session, viewers are encouraged to visit United to Heal’s site and access the video interviews, free of charge. Once uploaded, these videos are accessible for a period 24 hours.

Those interested in gaining access to United to Heal’s entire video library, can subscribe to the site, at any time. Once the payment process is complete, new subscribers gain indefinite access to any and all videos existing within United to Heal’s archives.


The rise of online conferences during COVID-19 & the need for better solutions

When developing this two-headed video approach, Mr. Berner chose Vimeo to host United to Heal’s video content. The videos uploaded during the summit (and which can be accessed freely for a period of 24 hours) would routinely attract several thousands of viewers.

The spread of COVID-19 had a significant impact on the average viewership of said conferences.

Much of the summits’ audience stuck in various states of quarantine, along with a spike in interest to consume health-related content resulted in the interview videos attracting an average of 18,000 viewers.

Such an increase in audience size necessitated a considerable expansion of bandwidth.

Inconsistent levels of customer success had Mr. Brenner’s reexamining his reliance on his chosen video hosting platform even before the outspread of the global pandemic. A disproportionate and seemingly arbitrary spike in price for bandwidth that would accommodate the exponential growth in viewership led Mr. Brenner to seek more dynamic solutions.


Cincopa bandwidth provision:
The swaying card

After conducting a diligent research process of the video hosting market, Cincopa arose as the optimal solution; one that would provide flexible bandwidth,(key to delivering a flawless viewing experience to a vast audience) at an affordable, straightforward price.

Leveraging Cincopa’s robust security features, United to Heal continues to stipulate access to its entire video library by paid subscription.

Once the payment process successfully commences, new subscribers are emailed a user and password. Users are encouraged to submit these to a form, after which they will gain access to a landing page featuring their requested videos.

The explosion in interest for summit-related videos brought in a large number of international viewers who cannot comprehend German, the language in which the interviews are predominantly conducted in. Conversely, a majority German-speaking audience would find it difficult to follow the select interviews which are conducted in English.

This is a typical interview video (hosted by Cincopa)
available for subscribers on United to Heal’s site.
Mr. Brenner has begun using Cincopa’s advanced closed captioning features. These ensure that every audience member can properly engage with any video.

Finally, Mr. Brenner and his team plan on making use of Cincopa’s advanced analytical capabilities.
Based on the data pertaining to the last few summits, United to Heal will optimize its approach to interviews and better plan for future events.

“Cincopa has been a game changer for us.
The spike in viewership required a better solution,
and Cincopa stepped in,
offering a great service at a fair price.”

Mathias Berner